At first, I wasn’t even sure if I would post it – it was a late night spark of creativity with no boundaries, expectations or pressure. I did it for fun. I was just doing it for me.

When I posted my Bird Box/The Office mashup earlier this year,  I never thought it would gain the attention that it did. When it hit a million views I was beside myself. But that was just the beginning.

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After about a week, the video had been seen over 11 Million times through various social media channels (and a few thieves).  I loved being able to see how a video goes viral from behind the scenes. I learned so much from the entire process.


The Secrets:

From the strategy of posting, to changing the video’s description every day, to many unanswered facebook messages… I may have uncovered some secrets in posting viral content.  I’ve had the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with groups across the country. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about this unique experience.

About Me

I am a storyteller at heart.  I love capturing amazing moments – moments that change lives and inspire others.

Early on, I knew that I had a passion for storytelling.  After finding my grandparents’ camcorder, I found myself creating my own stories, learning technology and pushing the limit with the little equipment I had at the time.


In college, I had the opportunity to use my talents to help my university’s football team.  The coaches had me create special projects – anything from posters, music and videos that they would use with the team or on a recruiting visit.

Working with the University of Toledo led me the opportunity to work as an intern in the New Media department with the Cleveland Browns. 6 years later (and several front office changes) I found myself as the Manager of the Content & Production Department.


In 2015, I returned to my hometown of Wooster, Ohio to join the staff of Grace Church – the areas largest and fastest growing church.  With a smaller staff, I had a much more versatile role ranging anywhere from taking the full load of production of a video, directing live broadcasts, writing, and managing interns and volunteers.  As a member of the communications staff, I often found myself creating the artwork for a sermon series or developing a social media plan.  Here, I really focused on self-leadership and began understanding the benefits of personal development.

In 2018 I was recruited to join the staff of a production company called Herdmark Media.  Our productions focus on the agriculture industry.  As the Creative Director, I am continuing to expand my skills and experience, loving every day with the company.

I have been extremely blessed to have the opportunities I have had so far and I could not have done it without the support of my beautiful wife, Caroline, 5 year old son, Emmett and new daughter, Evelyn.