What I’m Reading & Listening To

I have a love/hate relationships with books.  I do love gaining different perspectives, ideas and experiences – I think that is very important.  I do not love, however, spending time reading.  I prefer listening to a podcast while doing something else like mowing the lawn, doing the dishes or driving to work.  Nonetheless, I have been pushing myself to read when I can.  I have created this page so I can start tracking and sharing what I am currently reading along with some thoughts on what I am learning.

Currently Reading


H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.

– Brad Lomenick



The Power Of Moments – Chip and Dan Heath

Originals – Adam Grant

The Power Of the Other – Dr. Henry Cloud

51yfdt3ubjl-_ac_ul320_sr212320_ Developing The Leader Within You – John Maxwell

Louder Than Words – Andy Stanley

book-3dCreativity, Inc. – Ed Catmull

 The Most Excellent Way To Lead – Perry Noble

null_3270The Volunteer Revolution – Bill Hybels



What I’m Listening To

170x170bbAndy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Love this guy.  Andy Stanley’s teaching has really made an impact in my life.  He is an amazing communicator and I love listening to him and the guests he has on the show.  If you are interested in leadership or simply taking steps to be better – this is a must listen.

avatars-000213791372-5ulncm-t500x500The Bill Simmons Podcast

This is a very entertaining podcast.  Although I’m not a huge basketball fan – and admittedly skip the basketball heavy episodes – Bill is an amazing storyteller and has some very interesting guests on his show.  Jimmy Kimmel, one of my favorite personalities, often appears on the show, along with many others in the entertainment industry.  I really enjoy the mix of entertainment and sports.

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