The Ryan Encinas Story

The Cleveland Browns community outreach department arranged for Ryan Encinas, a 5 year old cancer patient, to play a huge role in the Browns’ annual family night practice at FirstEnergy Stadium.  Encinas visited the Browns training facility in Berea earlier in the week, where head coach Rob Chudzinski presented him with a jersey and asked him to take part in the practice later that week. I documented his time around the Browns and compiled it, along with an interview with his parents, to create this feature.  The heartwarming story gathered a lot of traction, as it was seen on  ESPN’s Sportscenter that night, as well as other news outlets from around the world. The feature I cut was also shown on NFL Network the next morning.

We had a strategy going into the event where posted this video almost as soon as the event took place, posted it to various social media outlets to help it gain popularity, as well as utilizing our contacts at NFL Network and ESPN to get it the views it deserved.  It was a great example of how going into a project with a specific strategy can pay off in the end.

Producer, Editor, Camera

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